A Call May Change Your Life

I was used to think: “Why is this happening to me?”. Now I ask myself: “What is this situation teaching me?”. What did March teach me?

I understood that a phone call can really change your life.

One month ago the invisible enemy met many relatives of mine. While I was doing six job interviews in a week and some courses to enhance my chances to get a job, the telephone rang every day, telling my parents that some relatives were ill.

Most of my family members are now doing better, but unfortunately my grandma passed away last Thursday, and my uncle has joined her today.

I started to work 9–6 Monday to Friday, last week, for a company in Milan where I can practice my foreign language knowledge. This helps me against the pain that me and my family are currently living. I started the week going to my grandma’s funeral, I will end it on Saturday by attending my uncle’s funeral. I am not ready at all to see all my family struggling and suffering, again.

I am telling these details of my life because I really understood that things in life can change all of a sudden. I feel myself living a nightmare, but when I’ll wake up, the situation won’t be better. Nobody is going to give my family back what we have lost.

I decided to write everything down because I want to express my pain, and I think that writing is something I’m good at. So why don’t writing my pain down? Why don’t describing and sharing it? I’m not looking for pity or compassion, but I do believe in the power of empathy. I really would like to suggest to enjoy all the beautiful moments that life give us, because you never know. It may seems obvious or redundant, but any thing can suddenly change. It’s up to us to find a way to go on and react.

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