Living happily ever after with my better half

…there was a young couple living in their tiny and comfortable apartment who could eventually enjoy their life together, every single day.

They went grocery shopping together, they cooked each other delicious meals, they cleaned and tidied up their little apartment, and they were always smiling.


One month ago I moved with my boyfriend. We were so busy in renovating our little place, cleaning it, buying furniture, go working the whole week…and arguing.

Yes, my dear readers, I have experienced how nice it is to argue just because you’re tired, busy or upset. But the best reason to argue is surely: “I thought you would…” NO, NO, NO! Well, I shoud end supposing things, thinking that my opinion must be right.

My previous relationship taught me that communication is the key. When did I learn it? When it ended!

So I supposed it would have been easy living with my boyfriend, as we both share how we feel or how our day was. What went wrong? I supposed.

Communication is the basis for every relationship, even among colleagues.

It happens that I think about a situation and I assume that that person is doing so because they surely have some plans, they are against me/someone else…until I realise that they actually didn’t care. This kind of “procedure” is called “mental film” in Italian. Basically, you imagine things in your head thinking they have to go/they went/they will go in a specific way because of reasons XYZ.

How wrong is that?

Am I the only one in this planet to enjoys her own mental films?

Imagining stuff when living with your partner may have some disadvantages, because you’re not putting your communication first: you’re putting YOUR thoughts first. Guess what? Thoughts and assumptions are personal, people cannot read minds.

I have never believed in fairy tales, nor prince charmings and happily ever after. However, ending up to start over again gave me the possibility to do better, to listen to my boyfriend, and communicate with him in a proper way. Basically, closing a big chapter of my life made me aware of my mistakes and think about the lessons learnt.



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