The best worst gifts I’ve ever received

Only few days to Christmas and I am in no festive mood at all, but how about writing an article about the best worst gifts I have ever received? Are you ready to see and imagine some unmissable thank-you-it’s-wonderful-pretending stuff?

Let’s start with my favourite one:

21st birthday — credits: myself

This pyjama was a gift of a former friend of mine (no, the friendship did not end because of it) and I pretended I liked it. Actually, I hate red. As you may notice, the pyjama was much bigger than me. The textile was rough,and it seemed poor quality. The trouser of the pyjama was the same, even worst, as it had no teddy and only these awful red stripes.

Unfortunately (or luckily?) I do not have any picture of the items I’m going to describe, so I hope I will be able to convey you the right vibes to imagine the other thank-you-it’s-wonderful-pretending stuff.

Some years ago I received an apple cutter. Ok, I know, it can be useful. But why should I get an apple cutter for Christmas? I think I have used it twice or three times. Such a great present that you simply forget to have it.

One of the two things I hate the most to receive as a present is surely a picture frame. I had several frames in many sizes, and almost never employed them personally. For my graduation I received one big picture frame in which you can add several photos and you have to hang it on the wall. This is the only exception I admit and this present waits to be hung on the wall of my future home when I will eventually move out.

The second of the two things I hate the most to receive is the shower gel. I’m not a fan of shower gel, I do prefer the soap. A friend of mine gave me five of these items in three different events: Christmas, birthday, and again Christmas. All the same year, all in a row. Every time the same brand, and every time one of the shower gel was the same product she already gave me the previous time. I get anxious if I think about I might receive another shower gel soon.

Once I got warm and soft socks, this kind you wear at home without slippers. If I’m not wrong, they were white and they had some LOVELY pink ribbons put on them, together with drawned pink and light-blue hearts. The same person (which is my former pyjama friend) gave me also dark green slippers of a cartoon called “Barbapapa”. No, I’m not a fan of this cartoon, I actually do not remember I’ve ever watched it. They were slip-resistant, with dots under the slippers, so basically for children? I never used this stuff, and I was wondering how bad she could know me. I don’t like to wear any hearts and ribbons, no matter if on socks, other clothes or jewels. I’ve always been a tomboy and I am proud of it. I also do not like to wear any cartoon stuff.

The last thing I remember (which means that maybe I got something else too, but my brain has wisely decided to remove those items) is a picnic set. Guess what? I’m not used to do any picnic. Guess the colour? Red. I happily left it to my ex-boyfriend, as it was not only unnecessary, but also quite big to carry it with me.

How about your best worst gifts you have ever received? Do you use the items I got? How do you react to thank-you-it’s-wonderful-pretending stuff?