Things I am Grateful for…recent updates

No, I wasn’t on vacation. I was just not in the mood to write.

I noticed that it was more and more difficult to write and explain for what I am grateful for. Since the aim of these articles is to inspire people, how could I inspire someone if I wasn’t ready at first to write and read my own words?

But now the Universe has given me the sign I should start again.

“Write consistently!” they say, so that you will be a good writer. Ok, then I’ll be my own kind of writer. The one who writes when it is time, when they think they have something to say, when they know the worth of their pieces. The one who does not accept any label. Ok, I’ve always disliked labels, why fitting people in categories?

What was this sign?

*drum roll*

A little dog who couldn’t stop biting my rucksack.

Yes, you read it.

Last Monday I was sitting on the bus to reach Milan’s underground, “la metro”. A little dog in front of me started to take one of my rucksack laces with its teeth and didn’t want to leave it. As there was no much space on that bus, I put my left foot on that lace. Guess what? The dog started biting my shoe lace.

A woman next to me laughed a lot and so did I, until the dog eventually stopped and its human took it and stood up.

From one side I could not be angry with this little cutie. On the other hand, I had no idea how to stop it. But I immediately thought: I should write it, this is the sign.

I am grateful that this summer has been quite exciting. Indeed, soon I am going to start a great adventure: living with my boyfriend. In the following weeks, we’re going to do our first vacation together, moving together, and going to several family and friends events. Soon we’ll also celebrate our first anniversary.

For the moment, I end the article here. Next updates, or next articles…soon!






Linguist, yogi, lived in Austria and France, Italian, a little bit nerd, multilingual (ITA, EN, DE, FR), love eating, reading.

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Laura Papavero

Laura Papavero

Linguist, yogi, lived in Austria and France, Italian, a little bit nerd, multilingual (ITA, EN, DE, FR), love eating, reading.

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