Things I am Grateful for…Restart!

Here I am again!

Laura Papavero
3 min readAug 29, 2021


This time of the year has always brought me some news and new beginnings. Once it was school, then I went to Austria for the first time, then I acknowledged some terrible news…then I got accepted for my MA, and last year I was about to graduate.

Basically September represents the idea of starting something new or approaching to a different life.

This September it’s not about I anymore, it’s about me and him, the man I chose to live with, the person I feel he is my home. So I am grateful we are starting this adventure together, as a family. (I don’t need to explain that an unmarried couple without children is a family, do I?).

But what about these current days?

As I said in my previous article Things I am Grateful for…recent updates I’ve started writing again. I wasn’t on summer holidays, I just needed relaxing during weekends.

A couple of days ago I commented a Facebook post related to the theme of my master’s thesis. Someone replied me they wanted to read it, so I posted the link to my thesis (PDF) The Role of English as a Global Language: A Focus on Pseudo-Anglicisms in Italian ( and people on that group went crazy about it! They began to thank me for allowing them to read my project, and I constantly got notifications via e-mail about the views!


I am so amazed how a simple post on Facebook can spread a specific theme, even a linguistic one. I am so proud of myself, because I think about all the time I spent researching and writing my masterpiece. To me, my thesis and my graduation represent not only a life goal, but also a personal one, as I didn’t give up when I lost everything and almost everyone I had, and I didn’t give up when a stupid narcisisst told me I should stop my studies just to be with him. During those weeks and months I felt terribly alone, but I had a mission, and I carried it on even when I felt miserable.

I feel grateful for all the things that are coming…I worked hard for them, and when you work for something, then it comes the moment to enjoy those events and celebrate with your closest ones.

I haven’t reached the top of world (not yet?), but when I look back, I am proud of the person I’ve become. I am proud I managed to walk an arduous journey.

Thank you.

I was one of those people who thought that good things happen only to others, and I felt resentment. Now I try to focus on the good things I have, reminding myself that I should enjoy them when it is possible.

It would be fantastic if people shared their gratitude towards their own life, so why not starting myself with this project?

If you want to read the previous “Things I am grateful for…” or maybe some other articles of mine, here is the link to my profile: Laura Papavero — Medium

If you enjoyed this post, I invite you to share your opinions and your personal things you are grateful for. Start writing down your own list. You can inspire yourself when things are not going so well, and you can also inspire others to know better themselves. If you know your own resources, you can recognize them in others.



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